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Last updated 31 March 2012

The Storybuilder website for supporting and distributing Storybuilder, its products, software and data have moved from this site to:

The Dutch National Institute for Public Health (RIVM):

The English link is:

but at the moment it is still largely in Dutch and there is a link to go to the topic on the Dutch site which is:

The log in or place to start making a new account is:

for further information contact:
This site will remain here unchanged for the time being.

What is Storybuilder?

Storybuilder is a software tool developed by safety specialists for the Ministry Of Social Affairs and Employment (The Netherlands). It supports occupational and major accident analysis, investigation, inspection and identification of ways to improve safety. The software and database are made freely available to users on request. The database contains reported reportable serious accidents investigated by the Dutch Labour Inspectorate. These constitute an estimated 1% of occupational accidents in The Netherlands, being the most serious ones. The database contains accidents from the period 1998-Feb2004, and 2007-2009. In total there are now 17860 unique accidents with 18506 victims in the 36 bowties. The database can be viewed in English or Dutch.

The purpose of Storybuilder is to help with:
* Learning how occupational accidents are caused
* Identifying dominant causes with the purpose to control them in the workplace
* Incident investigation

The most recent released version is currently available FREE!

Download: Storybuilder brochure (in Dutch)

As well as being used as a stand-alone tool, Storybuilder is used to obtain accident data for the Dutch ORCA risk assessment tool

Download: webORCA brochure (in Dutch)

The purpose of this web site is to provide support to Storybuilder software users.  We've provided a number of resources here to help you report and resolve problems, suggest improvements and learn about using Storybuilder.

Additional download support on Downloads page:

  • Storybuilder User Manual  (EN, NL, FR)
  • Storybuilder printable software help in English
  • Quick start for Expert mode (EN)
  • Lite help accident data entry (EN , NL, FR)
  • Scientific background, including building rules
  • Glossary of box codes

Useful data:

  • Facts and figures sheets in English and Dutch covering over 9000 accidents


  • Go to Stichting Post Hoger Onderwijs Veiligheidskunde

or contact

History of the Database

 In 2004-2006 a team was formed for analysing occupational accident investigation reports made available by the Dutch Labour Inspectorate. In this period the software tool StoryBuilder was developed to support the development of an events structure.

Accidents were analysed in order to build cause and effect event structures according to strict building rules. The key components of these structures are safety barriers and their modes of failure which were identified from the accident investigations by applying a set of building rules.

The accidents analysed are reportable occupational accidents between 1998 and February 2004. Around 2000 serious accidents are investigated per year by the Dutch Labour Inspectorate (an estimated 1% of all occupational accidents, taking into account underreporting). Data are stored in a data base called GISAI (Geļntegreerd InformatieSysteem ArbeidsInspectie). It contains information on reported accidents and investigations of accidents which are reportable according to article 9 of the Dutch Working Conditions Act if they are occupational accidents resulting in serious physical or mental injury (death within 1 year, permanent injury, in-patient treatment in hospital within 24 hours).

The nature of these accidents has been described in earlier publications available in Downloads





Technical Support Information

E-Mail :



  • Storybuilder software
  • Facts and Figures data



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